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"We build tailor made solutions specific to your requirements"


Why I started Datacentre Global? - CEO - Kaysor Ali

After enjoying a fast paced globe trotting 16 years in the Datacentre space, specialising in mobile technology and carrier networks I came to a point in my career where I felt I had more to offer. Over the years through effective planning and streamlining process I was able to go from an empty white space to a fully functional 100 rack+ Datacentre with live service and zero downtime in 4 weeks (from an average of 16weeks). In the fast paced technical world we live in this is paramount for any business, speedy and efficient delivery. Having done this on countless occasions and solved endless issues whilst overcoming mountains of challenges along the way I became a master of my own art. At the end of my last position as Global Manager of Datacentre Implementation and Design where I served 12 years at a leading mobile communications provider I wanted a change. I’d done the long term corporate role for over a decade and wanted to go at it alone. Offer up my skills and expertise to multiple clients across the world.

The gap in skill set and the bridge between what the business needs to executing that into a technical solution is a problem all businesses face and one that isn’t going away anytime soon. Understanding all aspects and layers of business from technical, financial, end user, customer, strategic, executive, requirements is fundamental to any successful infrastructure build, however big or small the task may be.

Having bridged that gap for over a decade, working on the client side as well as directly with the engineers and construction teams on the ground. I know too well the challenges each party face so prevent these by default when working on any given task.

My aim now at Datacentre Global is to work with clients across the globe to deliver projects using cutting edge technology and solutions with our elite global team of experts in a seamless delightful manner. Delivering efficiency, service and profits.


We are Global

Datacentre global are an independent Global Datacentre Consultancy. With experience working across EMEA, Asia PAC and North America. Our team brings a wealth of global experience ranging from office builds and relocations to large scale Tier III / Tier IIII new Datacentre builds. Our expertise cover all technical work streams from feasibility, planning, disaster recover, networking, structured cabling, equipment racking and patching, M&E, CAD, project management, financial planning and ROI, troubleshooting, decommissioning, migrations, Co Location, relocations, tendering, client specifications, commissioning, large carrier networks, cloud technologies as well as various technical builds not specific to Datacentres such as R&D, manufacturing plants and more.

We have a mature network of partners across the globe from equipment vendors to technical labour, carriers, and Co location facilities.

With our vast experience we have the ability to build tailor made solutions specific to your requirements however big or small, short or long term they may be.

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  • Datacentre Design and Implementation
  • Adds. Moves. Changes
  • Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
  • IT Equipment Installations
  • UPS, Generator, Air Conditioning
  • Technical Building Design and Build
  • Office Design and Builds
  • Comms/Data Room tidy ups
  • Relocations and Migrations
  • Audits
  • Office Moves
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Networking
  • Equipment Racking and Patching
  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Auto CAD
  • Bespoke engineering design and manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Financial Planning and ROI
  • Troubleshooting
  • Decommissioning
  • Service Migrations
  • Co Location
  • Relocations
  • Tendering
  • Client Specifications
  • Site Commissioning
  • Large Carier Networks
  • Cloud Platforms. Altus. Hadoop. AWS
  • R&D
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Mobile Telecoms
  • Intelligent Infrastructures and Monitoring
  • Biometrics and Security
  • Compliance: ISO, BRC, TIA
  • Information Security and Business Continuity


  • Combed Structured Cabling
  • Copper Patch Cab Terminations
  • Fibre MPO Looms
  • Overhead Cable Drops
  • Overhead Cable Ladder and Basket Design
  • Overhead Structured Cablind Combed
  • Patch Rack, Combed Terminations
  • Singlemode Fibre Patch
  • Structured Cabling Terminations
  • White Space


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Kaysor Ali - CEO

Mobile: 07507605600
Email: enquiries@datacentreglobal.co.uk